Teaching Stoichiometry

I’ll say it – I used to hate moles! Stoichiometry was one of my least favourite topics in high school and I was quite annoyed to learn that it was something that I would be seeing a lot of in chemistry. When I became a teacher, I wasn’t very shocked to see despite the many … Read more

Anatomy Board Game

I love a good board game, so I must confess that designing this Anatomy Board Game was a lot of fun for me! It started off as an introductory activity for our anatomy unit but it quickly turned into a go-to revision activity in my classroom at the end of each unit. This game is … Read more

Human Anatomy Units Complete!

After months of work I am so excited to share that I have completed all 11 body systems for my massive human anatomy unit bundle! Each body system unit comes with interactive notebook pages, flash cards and test questions. Individual resources for each body system as well as discounted unit bundles are now available in … Read more