Anatomy Board Game


I love a good board game, so I must confess that designing this Anatomy Board Game was a lot of fun for me! It started off as an introductory activity for our anatomy unit but it quickly turned into a go-to revision activity in my classroom at the end of each unit. This game is a great way to assess students’ prior knowledge of anatomy before you start learning about the body. It’s also compatible with each of my individual body system flash card decks, making it a great revision resource at the end of any of your body system units!

Anatomy Board Game comes with two decks of 60 cards: one focuses more on organ structures and functions, the second covers individual body systems and the interactions between systems. On their turn students will draw a question card and answer it [the answer is on the back so it’s easy for students to check]. If correct, the student will then roll the dice to determine which square they move to. There are also some fun “mystery” cards that students can land on to throw some more fun into the game. The student who completes the most turns around the board is the winner!


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