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Hello, I'm William, the teacher-author behind The Science Hedgehog! I create science resources for high school science teachers including interactive notebooks, test questions, flash cards, worksheets, and revision games.

Buy unit bundles to save money!

My store currently has unit bundles for the human body systems. These anatomy bundles each contain a set of interactive notebook pages, 60 flash cards, and over 100 test questions in a variety of formats that you can customize for your students! Best of all, the more units you purchase the more money you save!

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Interactive Notebooks

Interactive notebook pages contain all of the main concepts your students need to know along with foldable review sections and summary pages to help them study.

Test Questions

Test Questions include a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true and false, labeling, matching, fill in the blank, short answer and long answer questions. You can customize them based on the needs of your students and each comes with a full answer key.

Flash Cards

Each set of flash cards includes 60 cards and comes with two versions: one with answers on the back your students can use for immediate review, and a second with blank answers your students can fill in as part of their review or as an assignment. Both come with a full answer key.